August 23, 2011

View of a Combine Driver - Palouse Harvest

When harvesting on Oaksdale Road the view spectacular! - Steptoe Butte is in background
I am very grateful that I blog when I visit places like the Palouse, a community that works together for the good of the whole. There are few left like it. I spent the afternoon yesterday riding in a combine, tractor and harvest truck. Everyone has a job that must be done to get the wheat to the bins (storage containers). Work starts early and lasts until sunset.
The youngest son, Craig, has been driving a combine since he was 12. He easily moved this complicated vehicle up and down the rows with one hand on the steering wheel and the thumb from the other hand controlling the header, making sure it was at the right level and angle.
Craig is a 4th generation family farmer. A rare breed these days. His dad, uncle, cousin and sister were all harvesting yesterday along with other hired helpers. He also enjoys the diversity of driving the tractor with the wagon to break up the day. Funny thing is that he can't drive the harvest truck because he is still in driver's ed.
Communication between the vehicles is with a CB. The chatter is usually short and to the point letting others know when and where to be for efficiency. However every now and then a joke or story is told. It is a great way to keep everyone in the loop.
What I am most impressed with is the importance of working hard for the family unit. Yes, the kids have their iPhones and are checking Facebook and messaging every chance they get but they know that the job comes first. I believe too many America's families are losing this sense of belonging and being needed, this makes me very sad.
I want to thank the Nelson's for the opportunity to share an afternoon with you. I hope the images I took capture harvest the way you hoped. As we discussed yesterday, these moments last for a very short time and when they are gone they are gone forever.

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