August 22, 2011

Harvest in the Palouse is a Family Affair!

Craig Nelson (aka Nephew), age 15. has been driving combines since he was 12.

Tayler Nelson, age 17, has lots of spare time to apply for college scholarships - via her iPhone, while driving truck for harvest!
John, second year college, is responding to Uncle Scott's request on the CB radio. This is his first year farming. He is driving  tractor that is pulling a wagon.

Family values and lots of hard work is important to all of the Nelson family. I had a wonderful time riding in all the different equipment today!

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  1. I'm gonna be a modern day drifter
    And get out while I can
    Gonna trade in this life i've been livin
    For a pocket full of sand
    And a modern day drifter don't have to tell no one his plans

    I'm gonna find that long stretch of highway
    No one knows my name
    Where as long as the sky just goes on
    And it's never the same
    A modern day drifter don't ever complain
    Dierks Bently

  2. Beautiful images of a wonderful way of life. Thank you for sharing.


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