September 11, 2011

Grungetastic HD Update Review

Taken during our iPhone workshop in Carmel, Indiana
I had a great weekend workshop here in Carmel, Indiana. We a wonderful group of students who have become app lunatics. They were all very creative and had so much enthusiasm. It was incredible to see the students eyes sparkle as they stared at print they had created from an image taken with an iPhone. Harry Sandler expertly taught and demonstrated that the iPhone captures wonderful images and the apped images are amazing photographs when printed.

I captured this image Saturday afternoon in downtown Carmel. I just loved all the statues that lined the streets.

Grungetastic HD has been recently updated. There are so many more options and even more to purchase within the app. If you haven't already updated your copy, be sure to first screen print your preset option settings because you will lose them after update.

Thanks to all the students for attending this workshop. I am planning a return visit in November. Also thank you to Kathleen O'Neil Stevens for all her hard work putting this event together.

Grungetastic HD

Harry and I are so looking forward to teaching again together in Whidbey Island November. Sign up now...the link is in the left column.

FREE fxPhotoStudio for the iPad - which now includes masking - to those students who sign up for my September 12th courses. 

iPhoneography Classes Available Now! - next class starts September 12th - only six student per session. If you would like to learn how to capture and process iPhone images beyond a basic snapshot take an Online iPhoneography Course with Teri Lou. Two courses are available iPhoneography 101 and iCreativity. Click on the direct links in the upper left hand column of this blog for information, pricing and schedule.

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