September 24, 2011

Lesson One - Playing with Apps

Sunset near Klamath Falls, OR

The sunset tonight was fantastic. I captured it with ProHDR hand held because I didn't have time to set up my tripod. After dinner, while sitting in McD's where I could get internet, I started processing the image.

My traveling companion, Mark Hosko, has watched me process my images over the last few months and has offered artist advice when asked, but he has never apped an image himself. Until tonight.

I was asking his advice on some simple contrast and saturation techniques to use in Filterstorm that he might use in Photoshop and handed him my iPad so he could show me 'what he would do'. (Actually it was a sneaky way to get him to prepare my blog post while I worked on other things.) Two hours later, after 'playing' in Filterstorm, fxPhotoStudio and Blender, he took the image in a "direction that I wouldn't normally have gone."

I really enjoyed watching him make creative choices and introduce more possibilities along the way. It is always fun to show off the capabilities that the apps have.

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