September 16, 2011

Sharing my Passion

Swiftwater Cellars, Suncadia, Roslyn WA

What an incredible day I had. It started off by having breakfast at the Swiftwater Cellars in Roslyn, WA and ended with capturing some wonderful photos inside it. Lori Watts, the owner, loves to take photos with her iPhone, and was impressed with my work so she hired me to take some photos. How great is that!

I was also interviewed by my local newspaper, NKC Tribune, here in Cle Elum. The article should be out this Thursday or next Thursday (it is a weekly paper). It was great to share and show Jim, the reporter, the possibilities.

I am hoping to teach a weekend workshop on iPhone Photography and App Processing this winter in the local area. Send me an email if you are interested:


iPhoneography Classes Available Now! - next class starts October 3rd - only six student per session. 

 If you would like to learn how to capture and process iPhone images beyond a basic snapshot take an Online iPhoneography Course with Teri Lou. Two courses are available iPhoneography 101 and iCreativity. Click on the direct links in the upper left hand column of this blog for information, pricing and schedule.

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