November 14, 2011

Hipstamatic - Mix, Match and Blend

Colorful Canoes

During the last iPhone Photography Workshop on Whidbey Island I was on this dock with all these colorful canoes. I took several images of them first with the SlowShutter camera and then with PorHDR. Next I decided to try Hipstamatic using the Blanko film and all the lens choice I purchased. I ended up with several images of different colored boats. I also shot a John S with The BlackKey's B+W (a favorite). Today's blog image is a combo of  John S and BlackKey's B+W and the Lucifer VI. I combined the images in several ways, first in Filterstorm, then with Blender. I also used Snapseed for Structure and Drama!

I was hoping to be able to use FIlterstorm to easily paint in one color but found the tonality of the image to be too similar to do an effective job. So I instead pumped up the saturation and add drama. The two frames came from Hipsta and no where else.

On another note: I am honored to be apart of the Aurora Photos myPhone stock image collection. Aurora is the first stock agency to recognize the iPhone images potential.  Click here for the Press Release.

iPhoneography Classes Available Now! - next class starts November 21st - only six student per session. FYI - prices will increase in 2012. If you would like to learn how to capture and process iPhone images beyond a basic snapshot take an Online iPhoneography Course with Teri Lou. Two courses are available iPhoneography 101 and iCreativity. Click on the direct links in the upper left hand column of this blog for information, pricing and schedule.

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