December 31, 2011

Welcoming in a New Year! 

I had a terrific 2011 full of amazing experiences. All I have to do is look back on my blog posts to see how terrific it was. I have new friends from around the world that I communicate with on a regular basis. The communication may be through wonderful social media options, email, or chat - it doesn't seem to matter how we communicate just as long as we do.

I have traveled far and away this year. Visiting many new places, sleeping in my car, staying in hotels and sleeping in friend's spare rooms. My daughter has brought me to and picked me up from the airport more times then she can count. Thanks Suzanne!

This will be the first time I celebrate the New Year away from home. Hard to image that I will be in Kathmandu, Nepal. I wonder what I did to celebrate? (I am post dating this blog so I don't know what the future brings.) I am sure it was terrific.

I will not be posting much in the next 5 weeks as I will be traveling through different parts of Asia. This is my first trip to this continent. I am excited!!! I packed light so I can move around easily. I am in good hands as my traveling companion, Mark, has traveled to many of the places we will go and is a doctor. Always good to have one nearby.

Hope to see many of you in 2012. You just never know where I will pop up next. Cheers!

This blog post was created by starting with a Hipsta capture using the Dream Canvas film of a white piece of paper. I then used Filterstorm to add the colors in the different tonalities. Next I used WordFoto. I finalized it with a simple frame in fxPhotoStudio.

The Last Pixel Show is now putting together their 2012 iPhone Photography workshop list and calendar.

The next iPhoneography Classes Available February 13th 2012! I will be out of the country and unavailable for most of January 2012. upon my return I will have fascinating images from many Asian countries.

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