March 5, 2012

Camera Applications for the iPhone - Beyond the Default

Most people who own an iPhone only use the default camera. In today's blog I wanted to highlight three of the several dozen different applications available to take a photo with. Normally I don't get technical in my blog posts but I thought some of this information might be helpful.
ProCamera Application - Bellevue WA

The application ProCamera is my go to camera. It captures a 4:3 aspect ratio.  The above image was taken with it. There are several features included with this camera that the default camera in the iPhones doesn't have.

6x6 Camera Application - Bellevue WA

This image was taken with the application 6x6. It captures a square image - 1:1. Some prefer to use it instead of an application such as Hipstamatic because it provides a 'clean' square image.

Classic Pan Camera Application - Bellevue WA

This image was captured with the application Classic Pan. It captures 9:4 aspect ratio. This application allows you to instantly see in a panoramic view.

This demonstration shows how the same scene looks much different as the aspect ratio changes. Please note that I did move when capturing each image for variety.

Keep in mind that of these three cameras only ProCamera captured a 8mp image. In each of the other two choices the frame was just cropped in camera. In other words you could use ProCamera to capture all of these images and crop the image later during process to achieve the same look.

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