March 21, 2012

iPhone Battery Issue - Shutting Down at 25%

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I was having issues with the battery on the iPhone 4s I got just a few weeks ago to replace my other 4s. It was totally shutting down when the battery had 25%. I was having the issue before and after the update from 5.0 to 5.1. To try to resolve the issue I went to the Apple Store yesterday after I backed up the phone through iTunes.

Some diagnostics were run on the phone and because there were issues with some standard iPhone installed items I was told they would once again give me a new phone. Yeah, I thought! However, when it was recommended that I don't restore the new phone from an iTunes back up of my old phone I was totally bummed. I knew that this news would require me to re-create all my folders again and when you have 403 apps it is a long boring task.

Since the photos would not be transfered to the new phone because I wasn't restoring, I wanted to make double sure all the images I had on the phone were backed up on my computer. An employee recommended that I use iPhoto so I started asking some questions about the process of backing up this way and discovered that iPhotos file structure wasn't easily read as folders on the computer outside of iPhoto. I also discovered Photo Capture and that it 'dumps' all the images you have on the phone into one folder.

Being most familiar with Lightroom, I chose to use it to back up all my photos for two reasons:  I could understand the folder structure and I could make an additional backup on an external device at the same time.

I had about 6000 images on my phone so I chose to back it up last night and returned to Apple today to get my newest iPhone 4s. Now I will have to make sure all my camera and processing apps are set up again to the highest resolution preferences. I will also need to restore my Hipstamatic purchases, reset my wallpaper images, enter all my wireless passwords...actually it is amazing how many presets you set up on your devices.

I am heading to Denver to see family tomorrow. I will be sitting in seat 30A moving apps into folders for 3 hours or so. At least I can copy the same folder structure I created on my iPad on Sunday. Who says technology saves us time?

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  1. I Know what the issue is. It has to do with the amount of memory location services is using. Go to settings and the location services. Click off all those that you absolutely don't need and this will free up your memory.


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