March 14, 2012

iPhoneographer or just a Photographer

Is it a photograph or iPhoneography? Does it matter?
HDR capture no additional processing.
About a year ago I defined iPhoneography.... now I am rethinking it.

I still think that iPhoneographers capture images with an iPhone and process those images with apps. But what apps? For quite awhile now the apps have been available for the Mac computers. MInd you there are not nearly the variety to choose from, but that will most likely change too. So is iPhoneography include processing on the Mac with apps? I say yes.

My workflow however never has included processing on the Mac. Why? Well I want my workflow to only include apps on the iPhone and the iPad, at this time, because of the simplicity and portability. I say at this time because technology changes so quickly that I can't imagine what new tools will be available a year from now let alone farther into the future.

Just so you know all the images I have ever blogged here have been captured with my iPhone and processed either on my iPhone or iPad with the exception of one image that was captured with my Nikon and processed on my iPad. I NEVER process them on the computer because I want to show that all these possibilities are available WITHOUT a computer.

This workflow fits my lifestyle. I have always been a minimalist as a photographer. I preferred one zoom lens instead of 5 lenses to carry around. I have had the same one tripod for the last 6 years. I don't have a case on my iPhone (mainly it doesn't fit into my tripod holder with one) and I have purchased a few of the gadgets for the iPhone but I never seem to carry them around with me. It works for me, but not everybody.

Not many photographers limit themselves to just the iPhone and iPad as I do. Many of my students process images with their iPad that were taken with their DSLR cameras. I think it is wonderful to have that option available to them. In fact I think more and more photographers will begin to explorer that possibility.

It doesn't matter what your workflow is, what camera took the image, or what device you processed it on. It matters that you are being a photographer. Enjoying the process. Practicing your craft. Growing, living and experiencing.

So go spend some time with your camera today... be a photographer!

BTW Harry Sandler gives his point of view today on his blog. He has a completely different workflow. With our combined thoughts we offer The Last Pixel Show students a wide variety of options to create their art.


  1. What is your workflow? I'm about to get an ipad. Do you download all your iphone photos to your ipad and work on them there?

  2. Joseph, Good to hear from you. I process about 90% of my photos on my iPad that are posted to this blog. My workflow is quite involved to explain here. I have started a Meet Up group called "Washington iPhoneographers", please become a member if you wish. The next meet up is next month. I will be happy to explain and demonstrate my workflow then.

  3. Good points Teri. I also use iPhone to capture the pictures, but usually edit images on iPad or Mac, cuz it is easier. I use iPhone when I am not at home or at work and when the Mac is not with me. I think that iPhone photography is the best name, as Harry Sandler uses it. This way you devine the device used to create the original image:)


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