August 30, 2012

Creating Custom Textures with fxPhotoStudio

As I have been preparing for a tutorial today, I needed to use a texture blend. However the texture I wanted was a frame in fxPhotoStudio so it needed to be created.
One the the textures I already had in my iPhone Texture Album was a blank white canvas, so I imported it into fxPhotoStudio and started to apply different filters to it. Below are a few choices that I really liked and now have saved for future use.

Imported blank canvas photo into fxPhotoStudio 

Old Sketch Texture

Crumpled Paper Texture

Nior Blue Texture or Border

Burnt Paper Texture or Border

This time I added Dirty Picture 2 after applying the Burnt Paper

Then I decided to create a texture with Burnt Paper, then Rusted Metal 2 and finally Dirty Picture 2.
The possibilities are endless. I will use a few of these in a future blog.

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