January 6, 2013

Hipstamatic Tintype Pak

I downloaded the TinType with high expectations because of many reviews saying that it was their favorite pak so far. I did like the frame, softness and texture of the images I saw. However the download was a problem at first because it caused Hipstamatic to crash while saving the images. It took diligent closing of the app and restarting the iPhone before the issue was resolved.
However after the frustration I will join the group of positive reviews and say that I really like the TinType Pak.
I asked on Facebook for others to submit some of their favorite TinType images so I could pick a few favorites. Please see below for the ones I liked best.

My Tintype image was captured while my image was being captured by Matt Leitholt with Katie as his assistant. She was holding just about everything!!!

I processed the image using Snapseed.

Be sure to click on the name of the photographers to link to additional photos.

by Emily Bemily

by Victoria Porter

by Mike Valdez

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