January 7, 2013

iPhone/iPad Backups with iTunes on Computer

I just discovered that my iPhone/iPad iTune back ups that I choses to store on my computer take up over 150GB of storage on my computer. Now that was a surprise!

I finally got the iPhone 5 yesterday - Black/64GB/AT&T. Yippy! Of course I wanted to sync all of my iPhone 4S information to the new phone so I plugged it into my laptop and clicked Restore in iTunes. That is when I realized just how many backups I had. There were a dozen or so some of my iPhones and some from my iPads (past and present). Some were dated, others were not so it was actually difficult to decide which backup I wanted to restore to. Well I picked one and the restore began. After a couple hours I discovered I picked the wrong one from about a year ago, so I once again, more carefully this time chose another.
Now I have to admit that I am low on hard drive space on my MacBook. (It seems that these iPhone photos take up more space then I thought.) I was down to only 28GB even after deleting (I first I backed them up on two external drives - one that is kept off site for safe keeping) several old iPhone image folders.
Back to Restoring my iPhone 5.... After choosing the second backup, I went to bed crossing my fingers that the restore would be complete by morning. What I did wake up to was an error message on my computer saying that there wasn't enough space on my computer to complete the process. I checked my hard drive space to discover I went from 28GB to 1.91GB - that was puzzling to me.
So I started to investigate. After some research on the internet I discovered where my iTune backups were stored.
Mac HD/Users/terilou/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/filenames.
Yes they are buried...and of course named/coded with lots of numbers that are meaningless to me. It was impossible to tell which were old backups and which were current. So instead of just deleting them randomly, I decided to back them up on an external drive. That is when I discovered that they were taking up 150GB of space on my hard drive. Why that surprised me when I have a 64GB iPhone and a 64GB iPad I am not sure but it did! After the MobileSync is completed on my external drive (6 hours is the estimated time needed) I will delete the old files and get back to the iPhone 5 restore sync.

BTW I love the feel of the iPhone 5 in my hand without a cover. I do use screen protectors on the front but usually nothing more. I also to purchase Apple Care that replaces the phone for only $49 if damaged in any way. I just can't wait to take a photo or two with it.

Hope this information is useful to some of you. I was quite surprised at the amount of storage the backups require but then again I do have the 64GB phones and iPads!

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  1. I thought the back up process replaces older ones as it moved forward.
    What about selecting to b/u to dropbox?
    I have 4S and am not sure I'd go to 5; interested in comments.

    1. George - Herer is some information on backing up to Drop Box. I know I would have to backup my iPhone and iTunes account to Drop Box so I am not sure if that is the best choice for me.

      I would agree that the backups on iTunes do right over themselves but I am presuming that the backup for my older phones and iPad stay in tact until deleted and that is one reason I have so many.

      I got my iPhone 5 a bit later than many and I will be posting my likes and dislikes on this blog as I progress.


      Thanks for asking!

  2. I use aptbackup and it works good on my device. It takes backup of all apps which you have installed. When you restore, it re-download all your apps in one chunk very fast. Try it!


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