October 17, 2013

Last Days of Summer

This photo was captured with my iPhone as a self portrait while enjoying the last days of sunny warmth in the Valley of Fire state park. I enjoyed processing it on my iPad with Snapseed, Filterstorm, Moku Hanga, Image Blender and Touch Retouch. 

Yes I captured most the the images that day with my Olympus Pen however I must say that I am still an iPhone photographer at heart. It has been 3 years since I took my first serious iPhone photo using the app ProHDR and I am still hooked and enjoying it immensely. 

I bought the Olympus Pen because I wanted the option for sharper images and compression with a telephoto lens. Both are available with the new camera and I am sure I have several wonderful images that I took with the Pen but I have only looked at a few and processed a couple since I got it early this summer. However, as usual, I have actively processed and posted many images from my iPhone or iPad to Facebook on a regular basis all summer long. 

Why am I not connecting to the Olympus? Simply because it is only a camera without the ability to process and post. As with many photographers I have many things to do other than photography when I return home from a trip. Day to day business needs to get done and processing an image falls at the bottom of the priority list. However many of my iPhone images have been captured, stitched, transferred, processed, posted and backed up instantly. One of my most enjoyable things to do while out shooting is to stitch a HDR image together, process and post it while sitting on a rock still soaking up the view. 

As I think about it, even if the Olympus was capable of processing and posting it still would be too bulky to be intimate like the iPhone. 

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