October 30, 2013

Snapseed HDR, Teri Lou, and an iPhone 5s in Portland

Sunday I purchased the new iPhone so today I treated myself to a photo shoot in Portland on the waterfront. A beautiful autumn day it was too. I had a great time, feeling the familiar passion run through my veins. I posed in 'The Backside of Teri Lou' fashion while on lookers watched this crazy girl taking photos of herself on her iPhone. It made me smile. 
However the best part was coming home to process the image. Letting my creative juices flow in ways that have been lacking. I was surprised to find Snapseed had been upgraded. A great addition is the HDR folder. Makes me excited to take some of my old truck images and reprocess them again to see the effect. Another addition is the option in Image Tune - opening up the shadows. WOW! I must say that my disappointment of losing White Balance soon disappeared when I saw the results of 'Shadow'.
If you haven't yet added Snapseed to your Top Photography Folder, you must add it and it is FREE!

Image Blender


After Snapseed HDR

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