June 17, 2014

Seeing, Not Just Looking - iPhone Photography

Classic Red Barn in the Palouse

Last week I lead 12 creative and adventurous photographers through a tour of the Palouse. Each of them shot with a dSLR while I continued to shoot with my iPhone. At times, especially on top of Steptoe Butte, I envied their telephoto lenses. 

At first I captured this image just to remind me of what the barn looked like at this location, since the barn is just a speck in the field without a telephoto lens! When I arrived back home it somehow made it to my 'to be processed' file. However as I processed it I was annoyed by the triangular clouds and chose not to post it. This morning as I looked through my Photo Library through just waking up blurry eyes, I realized just how much the clouds mimic the triangles in the field and fell in love with the wonderment of Mother Nature one again!

A lesson in seeing instead of looking!

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