January 14, 2011

Creating Mood and Emotion

Antique Store in an Old Barn
Something I struggled with is putting emotion into my images. With the iPhone apps, however, I have expanded my creative processing beyond my imagine, allowing me to express myself in so many ways.

I always admired so many techniques that  other photographers were doing, however the cost of all the plug ins to Photoshop made it prohibitive to just go out and buy them. However that is not the case with iPhone apps. At 2 and 3 bucks each I can easily make the decision to give it a try!

So try I have, currently I have 93 photographic related apps. Crazy I know! I have 22 different camera apps alone. Some also provide great post processing options. I have listed my top favorite apps, at the moment, in the right hand column. If you ever have any questions about any of them let me know.

Okay on to the image at hand...
I stopped by this barn because it had a great sign on the outside of it. Since I needed to be on the property to get a good image with my iPhone I had to ask for permission. When I entered this barn and saw how wonderful it was inside I instantly changed my mind and now had to ask permission to photograph inside. So with permission I walked around getting many detail shots.

What I wanted to do is capture a true sense of place and decided I needed a wide shot to do that well, so I shot 3 ProHDR images that I could later stitch together in Photoshop - please keep in mind I was a newbie at the time and didn't even image that I could AutoStitch in the iPhone itself . (BTW Autostitch is incredible, some say better than Photoshop!)

When I finally Autostitched this image I wanted to make it look like a period piece, age it a bit. I am very happy with the emotional choices I made.

Thanks for stopping by today.

3 ProHDR images
Photo studio

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