January 28, 2011

Dante's View Sunset Oil

Death Valley's Dante View

A lucky photographer may only take a picture of a stunning sunset moment; an artist can always make one. 
                                                                                                                                                                                   ~ Gina De Gorna

My recent visit to Death Valley was an adventure I will always treasure. I captured and processed some of the best images of my iPhoneography career because of my friend/mentor, Harry Sandler. Harry is a iPhoneography master to whom I am so very grateful continually takes the time to teach me so much. 

While sitting on this bluff, I was consumed with capturing all the images I could before the sunset color disappeared. When using ProHDR, each photograph is time consuming due to in app processing. This can be frustrating at times when the colors in the sky are disappearing by the minute. It is because of this limited time I must make choices about how and what I want to capture. Most times I choose to focus on the big picture first and the details later.

I believe it is after the colors fade away that most of the fun begins. Then, I get to decide with all the apps available to me, which direction to process the images. The path I follow is more about what is in my heart then what I originally saw with my eyes. I find that my first approach is rarely the best choice. Most times it is through experimenting with the options I have that leads me the right way. As I stare into the little screen of the iPhone it enlarges to the point where I feel I'm inside of it. It is then that I can begin to create my best work.

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  1. Teri, this is indeed a very cool shot. Love the colors and the layers. Just gorgeous!


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