January 4, 2011

Red Flower

Captured with the Hipstamatic Camera using the John S lens and Dream Canvas film.

I find it very interesting where I will take photos with my iPhone 4. This image was captured in the restroom at Longwood Gardens in Philly about a month ago. I was there with several iPhoneographers. One friend announced that there were the most beautiful red flowers in the bathroom and started showing off all his photos. Promptly all of us went to find our own red bathroom flower to capture. I must note that the restrooms there are very usual with 17 private rooms. The above image was my favorite straight Hipstamatic shot.
Image after processing within the iPhone 4

I will admit that I am not sure of all the apps I used for processing this image. I do know that several from fxPhotoStudio are apparent. After adding a effect such as Vintage I would have blended the effect back into the original photo using Iris. I also know that I use PhotoPerfect for sharpening.  I use the app Impression to add my watermark to my photos.

I found it most interesting that even though we all started with this basic red flower in a vase, everyone went in to different direction when processing it. Proving once again that art is in the eye of the beholder. 

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