January 16, 2011

Self Portrait II

Sittin on the Dock by the Bay

I was driving along the Eastern Shore in November, on one of my last days of a 6 week photographic journey, looking for the Chicoteaque Ponies on the north side of the island. I had spent the morning on the south end of the island capturing a fantastic sunrise when someone told me I could get better photos of the ponies on the north end of the island. What I failed to ask is what city would I be near to find access to the north end, so I followed the coastline to the best of my ability hugging the shore. 

It was one of my favorite days of my journey since I love exploring and am never really lost with Garmin, my GPS. This is one of the out of the way locations I found that day. It had rained that morning and the dock looked like it was about to sink into the bay. However the best part was this bright yellow chair just waiting for someone to sit in. So I took advantage of  "analyzing..." while using the ProHDR app, ran into the image and sat in the chair. 

I had a gorgeous view don't you think?

Perfect photo for sharpening
 Plastic Bullet x3
Iris for blending and masking
Focal Lab
 Iris more blending
Perfect Photo for final sharpening

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