January 17, 2011

fx PhotoStudio step by step

Sunrise at Hanson Pond

I decided to do something a little different today because I saw that fx PhotoStudio has preset codes you can enter into the app. So I took one of my favorite sunrise photos and added many effects within the app to create a code I will share with you. Something else I am doing differently is posting screen shots of my iPhone to show you exactly which effect I was using and where the slider(s) were for that effect. This way you can also see the changes step by step.

First I opened my image in PhotoStudio. I then tapped on 'fx' at the top and then 'all effects' at the bottom. I applied the effects in this order: 61 Saturation, 104 Rainbow Palette 2, 153 Hot Yellow, 179 Cross Processing 3, 65 Night Vision, 162 Vignette White 1, 170 Photo Border 1, 173 Photo Border 4. The code you can enter into Presets is C64ADC50. Tap 'Presets', '+AddNew' and then 'Enter Preset Code'.

Original Image

After saving my image I opened it in PerfectPhoto to sharpen and then Impression for my copyright.

I hope you enjoy the results!              

If you don't know how to capture a screen shot you will love this helpful hint: Quickly and at the same time press and release the on/off button and the home button. The screen should flash if you have done it correctly. The photos are stored in you album.
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