February 16, 2011

Country Church

Country Church in Pennsylvania

An update to fxPhotoStudio HD for the iPad was released today. It is a much needed improvement that now includes slider adjustments like the iPhone version (fxPhotoStudio). 
Today's blog post was processed using the updated app on my iPad. I saved the process as a preset so I could share the code with you. See below. After I processed the image in PhotoStudio I blended it with the original in Iris using Normal as my blending mode. I then returned to Photostudio to add the frame. My final touches were done with TouchRetouch to remove telephone line, PerfectPhoto for sharpening and Impressions for copyright. 

Feel free to use it on your iDevice by entering this code: 10C425EC

A few lists of my Top Ten iPhoneography Tips are now listed on the side bar. Learn more by taking my Online iPhoneography courses. 


  1. Thanks for sharing the code Teri! Here's what I did with it: http://davechapman.tumblr.com/post/3349629553/sevanavank

  2. Thank you. I have used it on a few sample images. Lovely . And thanks to Davechapman for the link to your blog

  3. Thanks for the comments. I am glad you are putting the codes to good use.


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