March 29, 2011

Spectacular Sunset

Delaware Coast

Back in October when I was on my six week photographic adventure, I posted on Facebook that I had some unplanned time while I was in the Philadelphia area. I was honored that so many of my friends sent me suggestions of what to do and see in the area. 
A friend that I hadn't met yet said she was going to be staying at her beach house in Delaware for the weekend and I was invited if I would like to come. Well, I thought about it for about a second and responded, "I'll be there."
Karen Messick, was very kind not only to invite me to stay with her but she also showed me many of the local sights where we had great photographic opportunities.  During our time together I also got to share my passion of shooting with the iPhone with Karen but at the time she was strictly a 'big girl camera shooter'. 
Since then Karen has joined the iPhoneography craze and a very inspiring Facebook group I started. She became a great student of the iPhoneography apps. Please visit her blog to see why her work is very inspiring to me.
Today's image was taken along the Delaware coast looking inland. I think we were at the Delaware Seashore State Park. It was one of those incredible endings to a wonderful day. 



  1. Thanks TL for the mention, it was fun to have you visit...and get me hooked on the iPhone, but I still can't give up the big camera, least not for my birds!


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