March 25, 2011

Spring Flowers in Death Valley

Creation through Play

I find that many times when I am teaching I encourage 'play'. I think play is important in allowing your creative juices to flow. Those that are structured and need everything in its place seem to lose some of the creativity we were born with.

Many of us grew up in the day when we were told, " Don't touch or it will break." So we are afraid to tap the button or swipe our finger to test the what ifs. We are afraid of the, "What if it breaks." I want to encourage you to play with the inner child in you that says, "Yes I can! I can draw, I can paint and I am creative."

Today's image was created because I played. I am often asked if I know what the image is going to look like when I shot it. Most of the time absolutely not. Most of the time I don't even know how I will process it until it is done. I find that I create my best pieces under two scenarios: 1. When I get lost in the tiny image on the small screen of the iPhone. I seem to step into it while moving my finger over the smooth glass. I simply go from app to app instinctively because I have learned what is possible from previous creations. I might be trying 3 different directions at the same. All while keeping in mind the ultimate possibly of blending parts of them together as the final masterpiece. 2. Many people believe my best images are when I spend the time to iPaint them.

Earlier this month I was asked by Dewitt Jones, a fellow iPhoneographer, how I created the image I titled "Mystery at the Dunes". I was honored to tell him. However what took me 20 minutes to create took one hour of trying to recreate. I was so involved in creating the image that I didn't pay attention to where my thought processes were. I remember thinking about trying this or that, but did I do it? I couldn't remember. I put forth the effort because I knew Dewitt would appreciate it. He did and gave me the ultimate compliment afterwards.

So don't get caught up in negative self talk and don't be surprised that once you learn what is possible with all the apps available under your fingertips that you too begin to create your best work.


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  1. Good viewpoint, Teri Lou! And good advice! I love your creation!


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