April 29, 2011

Dynamic Duo - Iris for iPad and Filterstorm

I was at the cafe this evening sitting in a comfortable chair when I saw the sky light up and dramatic clouds, so up I got and off I drove to my favorite yellow truck.
I knew I wanted to once again play with a Hipsta Stitch and I used the whole camera roll shooting this image in 9 frames. When I stitched it I was a little disappointed with the framing edges so I knew I had to be creative.
So where to start. I really wanted to practice and play with Iris for iPad and Filterstorm. What is wonderful about both of them is the power to blend. Both have there own special purpose: Iris is needed to blend at different modes and to add Fx effects whereas Filterstorm is needed to accomplish the task of brushing on the blend.
So I needed to create different versions to blend with. In order to accomplish this I used PhotoForge for one version, PhotoStudio for two of the blends, AutoPainter for one blend and Iris for one blend. However I used some of the blend more than once. All in all I blended 9 times adding different elements each time. I also cloned out some unwanted trees in the background.
My hope is that you realize the power of blending and are motivated to try it for yourself.
I have a feeling you haven't seen the last of this truck!

Two more things:
First of all very few people guessed the apps used in this weeks mystery post and no one guessed correctly, bummer. The apps used were: Bad Camera ArtistaSketch, Blender, Filterstorm, Grungetastic,and Photo Forge. I may have a contest again next week.
Secondly, I wanted to mention that you have one more day to take this month poll - see side panel.


  1. Your picture reminds me Whiskey - not the single malt but a blend of the best. It's nice to see that I'm not alone with my freaky idea to blend many differently processed versions of the same picture to create a unique one, such as yours.

  2. You took it, You blended it, You made it uniquely yours!!! iPhone artistry is art on the fly. It is more subject to our whims than Photoshop and like a painting more difficult to replicate exactly the same each time.

  3. Just starting to play with IRIS for the iPad - super cool. Love your shot.


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