April 30, 2011

An Evening at The Brick Saloon

Carlena striking a pose

I have lived near the small town of Roslyn for almost 19 years and until this year I had visited The Brick maybe a dozen times. Recently however I have been frequenting the establishment for Taco Tuesday's, two tacos for a buck! I usually sit at the bar and would you guess process images on my iPad. My friend, Stan the Man, is very kind to put up with me wanting to show him my latest creations. He actually even asks. 

Tonight I decided I wanted to go dancing so I showed up at The Brick early and had dinner while I was processed tonights blog. I almost had the blog image ready when Stan asked Carlena to pose for me so I could take her picture. I quickly snapped a few before she changed her mind. For the first image she turned and gave me a sassy look that instantly become my new inspiration for tonight blog. I spent the next couple hours playing with different variations of the image. She liked this one the best so I decided to post it.

Oh yes and I did get to dance tonight.
The band was great and so was the company on the dance floor. Thanks Stan!


  1. Pretty cool image TL - like it allot

  2. Hi Teri, I just started following your blog, via Compelling Image link. Liked you on Facebook. Love your stuff and downloaded a few of your suggested apps to my iPad 2. With the larger screen I feel more like trying things than with the iPhone screen size.


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