April 25, 2011

Envy - Mannequins in Bellagio Hotel

This is one of my all time favorites.

I was nicknamed Smudgie by my good friend Harry Sandler soon after I started producing these painterly images on the iPhone. I just love creating them. I always wanted to paint but never felt talented enough. It is so wonderful to feel my finger slide over the smooth glass and create an art form I never thought possible. I will spend hours working on a particular part of the canvas to make sure it looks just right. 
With this particular image it was very important for me to keep the details in the lace of the sweater blouse. I also wanted the hair to look fine and soft. The lighting was also particularly difficult to keep crisp. The artistic decision to make the face pure and totally detailed like a porcelain doll was given much thought. All the elements work well together in the end.
This is an image I definitely did just for me. My heart smiled the whole time I was creating it. 



  1. Nicely worked out - my congratulations! When I look at that picture one thing comes to my mind: Schizophrenia! There is a beauty in front of a mirror that is reflecting her ugly other ego.

  2. Keep it all coming Smudie!!! You have a gift.


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