April 24, 2011

Update: Top iPhone Processing Apps

Weekly there are several new photography apps introduced and even more that are updated. It is an impossible task to stay on top of it all. Every now and then a few will stand out and I will purchase them. Since most of them are just a variation of something I already have, with nothing new that stands out, I rarely use them again. Occasionally though you get a winner that deserves recognition. Therefore I am updating the top list. It was hard to eliminate some of my old favorites from the list but I did to make room for a few new favorites.

Current Top 15 iPhone Processing Apps: PhotoArtista Series, AutoPainter,  PhotoForge, Blender, Iris, picGrunger, PhotoStudio, Crop'n'Frame, Impression, DynamicLight, MontagePro, Filterstorm, Diptic, Autostitch and TouchRetouch.

Below are a few Hipstamatic, a favorite camera app, captures I took in February while walking around Seattle. I only sharpened them and add my copyright info.

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