April 18, 2011

Reviewing AutoPainter HD a great app for blending

Hipstamatic Camera App
Being introduced to a new app can sometimes be overwhelming. I have so many apps, in so many full to capacity folders already, that my home screen is completely covered with iPhoneography stuff. So the problem is, if I don't like the app then I have to find a space for it in the basement, per se, and if I do like the app I have to demote an app out of my favorites, or 2nd favorites. It is a problem I run into often.
So when I saw what effect AutoPainter was creating for my fellow iPhoneographers, I had a feeling that a demotion was in order. AutoPainter is the type of app I needed right now, simple and to the point. Not many options and no bells and whistles, just a straight forward painter. It offers 4 different painting styles, in a 3 step process. The unusual part is that you can stop the process early if you like the effect it has created before it is done.
In the case of this image I liked Benson the most and let the process go to completion. And for those of you who know me well I didn't stop there. I also processed the original in ArtistaSketch and blend those results with the AutoPainter version in Iris. Next I added two layers of frames with PSExpress and two layers of picGrunger. My final step was completed in Filterstorm by sharpening and darkened the cross and steeple a bit. Oh yeah I used Impression for my copyright.
I would recommend the app for those of you who like a painterly look and yes it is now in one of my favorite folders!

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  1. Thanks for this very informative review. I bought and tested the app and I love it! And YES I agree - like you I see myself confronted with the ongoing decision making too when buying another great app.
    Best wishes


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