June 29, 2011

Life as a Farm Dog

Did someone say "Let's Go!"
I must admit that one of the bast parts about the Palouse is Maddie, the golden retriever. Maddie is the perfect companion. I spent about 6 weeks in the Palouse last summer driving over 2500 miles throughout the county marking all the highlights for photographers to shoot. Maddie toured the county with me. I took her everywhere. She laid down on the floor of the passenger seat, never moving from her spot until we arrived at our destination. Only when we were in the country would she leave the car, refusing to step foot on the asphalt of the city.

Today's blog spot is extra special for me because it represents Maddie as the true farm dog she is. She is always ready to go and this image says it all. I also would like to thank Rod, her owner, for such a memorable summer. Not only was he so generous with his best dog but he was very patient to answer the continuing questions I had about the life of a 3rd generation Palouse farmer.

I will be back time and time again because of Maddie, Rod and so many others that continue to make me feel at home!


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  1. This is adorable & I absolutely love the old truck- gives the photo a sense of antiquity & is refreshing. Keep taking more! :)


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