June 10, 2011

RetroPak One - Hipstamatic

The sea floor within the peeling paint

Today the big news on Facebook was my students and fellow iPhoneographers asking, "When am I going to be able to download the RetroPak from Hipstamatic." Seems that it was later than promised but by the end of the day it was available and many had downloaded it and starting playing.

I had intended to go out and capture some great images using the Salvador 84 lens and Dream Canvas film in honor of the RetroPak one, however when a iPhoneography girl sees some of the best peeling paint ever she changes her mind. I did capture some fishy peeling paint with the Hipsta and blended them into my creation tonight.

The peeling paint reminded me of scuba diving in Figi. The sea ferns and algae flowing with the current. I also found some fish, if you think very creatively. So I created a montage with Juxtaposer tonight.

The native camera

The fishy - Peeling paint Hipsta Dream Canvas style

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