June 13, 2011

Sharpening your iPhone Photographs

Ya never know what someone will hang on the side of their house!

Sharpening your photographs isn't a simple task. One of the first things I teach is the importance of sharpening. I learned this lesson myself after Harry Sandler, aka Sharpie, taught me.

There are many questions asked of me each week during critique regarding sharpening. One common question is when do you sharpen, another is how to selectively sharpen. Of course the answer to these questions depends on the photograph and what you as the artist want from the image. However in most cases it is important to sharpen the photograph at some point during processing. Two of my favorite apps for sharpening are PerfectPhoto and Filterstorm.

Today's image I sharpened first thing. I continued processing in fxPhotoStudio, Filterstorm, picGrunger, and put my copyright on with Impression. I used PhotoTransfer to move it from my iPhone to my PC. When I saw it on the big screen I noticed how fuzzy it looked and decided it needed to be sharpened again.

Most of you may not believe me but I captured, processed and posted this image because I thought how glad I didn't have to cut the grass yesterday with these old shears. I thought I was staying with the yard tool theme. However when I posted the image with my "sharpening theme" instruction I realized how perfect it was to have these dull shears as the subject of the photograph. I am slow but I didn't think I was that slow...lol...Quite ironic!

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  1. Teri Lou I can't believe how beautiful you make just simple things. You are a true artist.


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