June 15, 2011

Too Many Apps Piling Up?

Still thinking of yard work


Thought I would use the today's image on purpose this time to discuss management of photographic apps. Do you find that you have apps piling up all over the place? I do!

As I add apps to my iPhone I am forever wondering where I put them. When they are first installed I can usually find them on the last page. From there I need to decide where to put them. 

To manage my photo apps I have three camera folders and (wow) seven processing folders. My processing folders have names such as: Painterly, Fav Processing, Play Processing, Composition/Frames. I try not to move the folders or the apps within the folders around too often or I find they go missing. 

If I find that I am just not using an app anymore I will delete it from the iPhone and then change the settings in iTunes not to auto-sync it to the iPhone anymore. If I change my mind at a later date I can always re-check the sync box.

I do rely on the 'Search iPhone' option at times, mostly when I am looking for an app I don't use very often.

I recommend that you keep on top of managing our apps folder structure before you find that they are just piled on top of each other all over the place. Kinda like the pile of wheelbarrows I found in Steven's yard yesterday!

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  1. it is a wicked fun image. The Apple store just replaced my phone and so I'm stuck with the task of arranging Apps. I always thing I will discover the magic combination but not so far. This time I have them in approximate order of when I would use them. I have folders 1 - 4 and one marked Seldom Used. We'll see how that works.



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