July 14, 2011

Lodging and Gasoline

Elk Ridge Lodge 1958

This image was captured at the same location as yesterday's truck. The Lodge and gasoline pump is no longer in service, however the owner proudly displays them and values the treasures of the past. His place was like a outdoor museum of old farming equipement and collectibles of all sorts!

On a side note:
I didn't get the blog up on time yesterday because of a situation at my vacation rental in Hawaii, the battery was dead on the keypad to unlock the front door. I wanted to express how grateful I am to everyone that I called for help to resolve the issue. Each and everyone of you called me back asap. I was honored and proud to have such great friends that responded quickly with suggestions, offers and research. The renters stayed in a friends villa in the same complexand the locksmith is going to return today to resolve the issue. It is amazing how such a simple item, like a dead battery, can create so much drama.

ProHDR - handheld
Bad camera - frame

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