July 12, 2011

Treasures Along the Road

Just can't pass up a great rusty truck in the woods!
My friend Stan and I went on a fun motorcycle ride up to Mt Rainer National Park. It was gorgeous up there with still 10 feet of snow along the road, however the images were difficult to capture handheld.

On the way back home we stopped at this wonderful roadside attraction, a place some would think was a collection of junk and where I find treasure. When capturing this image I was careful to position the vehicle so I hid all the unwanted items in the background either behind the vehicle or the trees. I find that moving just a few inches right or left and front or back can make a huge difference. These small movements can make or break your image.

The processing workflow on this image included many fxPhotoStudio filters using Blender in a variety of blending modes. I will be creating a handout for the workflow of this image and teaching it in my classes. I also used VintageHD for the frames. As always I used Filterstorm  for final touch up to detail blending and image management, including sharpening.

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