September 27, 2011

Lucy and Ricky

I Love Lucy Ladies Restroom Collage
I was very surprised to see the decor in the Ladies Restroom yesterday. Lucy and Ricky make a great pair!

I have spent the last two days in Starbucks working on class materials and organizing images for a large download. I ca't wait to get out and enjoy the great outdoors tomorrow in Bodie, CA and Mono Lake! Might be a day or two before I blog but the image will be worth the wait! Hummm ghost town or scenic landscape.... stay tuned!


iPhoneography Classes Available Now! - next class starts October 3rd - only six student per session. Only 2 spots left in iPhoneography 101. 

If you would like to learn how to capture and process iPhone images beyond a basic snapshot take an Online iPhoneography Course with Teri Lou. Two courses are available iPhoneography 101 and iCreativity. Click on the direct links in the upper left hand column of this blog for information, pricing and schedule.


  1. You woke up screaming aloud
    a prayer from your secret god
    you feed off our fears
    and hold back your tears

    Give us a tantrum
    and a know it all grin
    just when we need one
    when the evening's thin Sarah Mclachlan

  2. Love the frame on this your Oct. classes from what you've seen do you think I should go with 101?


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