October 22, 2011

iPhone Photography Workflow

Fly free and be adventurous!
Many of the students who take my course seek to have a better understanding of workflow. There are so many apps available for capture and processing of photos but where to start.

When I look at an image I start to see it in the artistic form. One of the first things I need to decide is what layers I need to create. There are my 'go to' apps for layers. You can see by my blog that I use fxPhotoStudio and the Artista series frequently. After those layers are created, I then need to decide if I want to use the app Blender for global blending mode options and/or Filterstorm for more selective brushing and blending.

Usually I will add several elements from many different layers going back and forth from one layer to the other building on it as I go. I sometimes sharpen various layers before adding them. If I need to use the app Touch Retouch I usually do so at the end of my workflow.

The best way for me to learn is to watch others work and -  try try and try again.

I love to do onsite workshops with students because it gives me an opportunity to demonstrate my workflow for the various images I have created. I can more easily explain why I made the choices I did and answer questions along the way. It is most rewarding to share that 'ah ha' moment with a student when something they have been struggling to understand is now clear.

I hope you will treat yourself to a workshop with Harry Sandler and I in the near future.
Nov 4-7 Whidbey Island, WA
Dec 2-4 Carmel, IN
March - Sonoma, CA area ----more info to come.

contact Harry at harry@harrysandler.com
or me at teri@terilou.com
for more information!


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  1. Very interesting for me to discover from your explanations that we both seem to share the same understanding of workflow. I do it almost exactly the way you describe it here. Maybe you should add the importance of a well organized collection of apps to have them at hand when needed which saves time. I keep my preferred camera apps in two folders on the home screen with the Hipstamatic and Quickpix even on the quickbar on the bottom. On the second screen I keep my other apps that I use for editing in actually seven folders where I put the most important ones in the first two folders, plus there is an extra folder for HDR&BW as well as extra folders for the Artista series and two more folders of less important camera apps. On the home screen there is also a folder for photography tools such as GyroCropper, Squaready, PhotoSync, PhotoSize and others and there is a folder for 8mm video cameras. Anything else on my iPhone comes AFTER the photography stuff ;-).

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