December 13, 2011

iPhone Photography - if you can dream it, you can create it!

Times Square one year ago - discovering the possibilities
Remember the days when you had to spend $99 to update Photoshop? and then you had to spend another $99 to update each 'plug in' that you used with it? Well that has all changed, at least for those of us who use applications to process our images. In the last few weeks an amazing number of apps have had incredible updates, free of charge. It truly feels like Christmas and the true spirit of giving.

I remember a short year ago dreaming of the possibility to process my images with opacity brushes, thinking how great it would be to brush and blend this way. Now many applications have that option. Before I even imagined it, I discovered an application that could remove unwanted items similar to the Photoshop's content aware ability for a mere 99 cents. Also a short time ago, I hoped for the possibility of masking with a magic wand and the ability to use layers. Today even that is possible.

Of course there are a few things I still wish for that aren't possible - yet! More ways to make selections would be one of them. I still don't see any marching!

I am so excited that the developers have worked hard to create applications that allow us to capture and process amazing images. The possibilities are incredible, inspiring and limitless. I would like to thank them all for helping me become a better artist because of the tools I now can carry in my pocket and will soon be traveling to far and exotic places with. I will continue to dream big, knowing that there is someone hard at work and with the ability to make my dreams come true.

Many thanks to the Photography Application developers - Happy Holidays to you!

The Last Pixel Show is now putting together their 2012 iPhone Photography workshop list and calendar. Please vote on the destinations you are most interested in, found on the side bar to the left.

The next iPhoneography Classes Available February 13th 2012! I will be out of the country and unavailable for most of January 2012. upon my return I will have fascinating images from many Asian countries.

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