January 8, 2011

Bryant Park on a snowy morning

Bryant Park, NYC

In December I took a trip to NYC so I could experience a bit of the Christmas season there. My hotel was right across from Bryant Park, a perfect location to see all the sights. I arrived late in the afternoon so it was dark and cold before I could venture out. An ice skating rink, large blue lite Christmas tree, vendor booths and a restaurant were in the park and it was full of people. I captured a few images but found it difficult to capture it well with the people walking into my shot.

I then ventured on in the direction of Times Square and Rockefeller Center. I had a terrific time mingling with the people while walking with my head up and mouth agape in awe of the big city decorations, sights and sounds. As I returned to the hotel it started snowing, which was absolutely beautiful. No where else is quite like NYC.

The next morning I decided to wake up at 5:00am so I could be out the door at 5:30am and hopefully beat the crowds to some of the more famous locations particularly Rockefeller Center. When I arrived, the only people in sight were about 5 security guard protecting the tree. So I took out my iPhone and started to extended my tripod legs when one of the guards rush over to tell me that "no tripods were allowed". I laughed. How could my tripod with an iPhone cause any problems at 6:00am? A rule is a rule so I hand held some images and slowly walked back to the hotel.
When I arrived back at Bryant Park I saw this postcard like scene. The table and chairs looked as if they were just waiting  for a couple to arrive. The snow from the evenings fall was just enough to cover the ground and give it a crisp appeal. So for this image I set up my tripod and went "click". (Well not really but you get the picture!)

Captured with Pro HDR
PperfectPhoto to sharpen
Artista Haiku
Iris to blend in multiply
Iris to apply auto level
PerfectPhoto to sharpen

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