January 9, 2011

Graffiti Underground Pano

180 degree view of Graffiti Underground

The Graffiti Underground, located in Philadelphia, is a place I could return to time and time again. It is ever changing in lighting, mood and artistic talent. Usually I am quite adventurous and will enter places many feel uncomfortable about but this is a place I would not venture to on my own because of its location. For this image I arrived at dawn to capture the soft morning light and still water.

This is 9 ProHDR images merged together using the app Autostitch. Autostitch is a powerful app that seamlessly stitches at least 60 images together. (A friend of mine has tested it to 60 and I have personally stitched up to 25 images.) As I stated in a previous post it is very important to have a large overlap, at least 1/3, of the images to provide the app with enough information to complete the process. Also in wide images make sure you are capturing enough information on both the top and the bottom of the image so that you won't lose any important part during cropping. This image actually wasn't cropped hence the broken black border, cleverly disguised!

9 ProHRD image Autostitch

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