January 10, 2011

iPainting using the iPad

Painted Mr. Bart using the iPad

As I have stated before, I have always wanted to paint, and now I have become the artist that I was only dreaming of. I think it is necessary to explain that I use my finger as my brush when using the iPad for these paintings. Every hair is a stroke of my finger. I sometimes will go over the same area 3-4 times to paint the hairs just in the right place. I paint with many different size brushes, usually from bigger to smaller to keep the small details intact.

After  I think I have completed the painting, I save it. Saving can take up to an hour depending on how much you have effected the original pixels. After saving I open the painting in the app Perfect Photo to see which pixel I haven't smoothed out. Usually there are many at first. I then reopen the painting in PhotoForge and repaint trying to remember where all the missed pixels were. Usually by the 4th or 5th try I have succeeded and am ready to complete the image with some blending and framing.

I am offering my services to paint your pet for an introductory fee of $99. If you are interested please contact me and I will put you on my schedule.

The original image before Bart was painted.
iPhoneography classes from beginner to advance are available. Please contact me for further information. teri@terilou.com Please join my Facebook Group iPhoneography with Teri Lou

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