January 11, 2011

Perfect Sledding Hill

Sledding Hill
 Winter is upon us. Some places like Texas are colder than usual and the East Coast is expecting to be dumped on again. So I thought I would share what my driveway looks like in Eastern, WA right now.

One my favorite things to do is to go sledding down this perfect 1/3 mile hill. It is even more fun at night, in the pitch black. Every year I have some of my best laughs on this hill. We have several varieties of sleds from simple round disks to large inner tubes covered in durable fabric. We sled as singles and have even made trains of 10 people. Yes the crashes have been dramatic but no one has ever got more than a bruise or two. My wish is that I never get too old to go sledding.

6 ProHDR image stitched in iPhone using Autostitch

Perfect Photo for  sharpening

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