January 6, 2011

Target Billboard

Target Billboard - Times Square, NYC
This morning I wanted to post a different type of Hipstamatic image. This is actually 5 Hipsta's captured from a busy street corner last month. I purposely captured the images knowing that I wanted to stitch them together afterwards.
If you plan on stitching images together, you must be sure to overlap the captures by at least 1/3 and preferably 1/2 with bordered Hipsta's. These images were captured with the Dream Canvas film and therefore the border is very wide. If you don't overlay enough the stitching program won't have enough detail to know where to stitch. Personally I do most of my captures for stitching with a tripod. This way the iPhone is steady and oriented from the same location.
I use the app AutoStitch for all my stitching. It works wonderfully. You can also crop the stitch within the app. However with this image I like the black border and left it as is.

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