February 6, 2011

The Streets of Portland

I wish I had my bike so I could ride with them.

This blog post is dedicated to Vivian Maier, a street photographer, who spent her life capturing the lives of others.

It is easy to see why the Hipstamatic camera app is so popular. One of my favorite things to do is capture candids with it. I enjoy casually standing on a street corners waiting for the moment to come to me. I stand there looking as if I am texting or waiting for a call when instead I am people watching. I think I am being coy, but most likely many of my subjects are very aware of what I am up to since, most of the time, I have a fully extended tripod propped up against me. Oh, well. Maybe someday I will be brave like my friend Dick and simple approach them and ask if I can take their photo. However it would be a much different image then.

These images were captured on my last day in downtown Portland, street walking. I sharpened and saturated all of them with PerfectPhoto. I made the collage with Diptic.

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  1. I love Hipstamatic and overall really like the BlacKeys film. One of the things I've noticed about BlacKeys is that it doesn't completely desaturate an image. The result is a monochrome image with just a hint of color in some places and an image that needs a run through another monochrome maker app. I'm not sure if BlacKeys was always that way.

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