February 24, 2011

Too Red Barber Chair

Eastern State Penitentiary - The Barber Chair
ESP is a favorite location of mine. The Red Barber Chair is always a treat to shoot. I had spent days thinking about how I was going to uniquely capture it. On the day I arrived I realized the best choice was a vertical pano so I could capture both skylights in the prison cell.  However I never imagined I would be there when a fire broke out, getting this once in a lifetime shot. Never to be captured again. 
Well not really, because you see my dad is a retired firefighter and he taught me how to put fires out. So while the iPhone was busy stitching this image together I ran and got the fire extinguisher and put out the flames in no time! So all of you still have the chance to capture this red beauty too when you are Philadelphia next time!!! 


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