April 13, 2011

Chevy Truck Hipsta Montage

Built Tough
Some days it is difficult to come up with an original idea to post for the days blog. Today wasn't one of those days.A few days ago I was introduced to a new app 'Montage'. I have been reviewing a few ideas of how others have been using it but was struggling with a new look that was a little different than other montages that I was seeing.
I knew this Chevy that I captured along the way when I was in Utah was a great subject matter to start with. I spent the day attacking the new app from many different angles all day. However none of the ideas were resonating with the look I knew I wanted. As the deadline approached I began again. This time I was smiles from ear to ear as I added new layers and put them into place. So in honor of a Autostitch Hipsta style, I have rebuilt this Chevy from several images I captured that afternoon. For today's post, I offer this twist on a traditional montage image. The details of how I blended this beauty together will be explained in my iCreativity course that starts Monday, April 18th. Contact me at teri@terilou.com for more information.

and others

Take your iPhone images to the next step with the power of blending, brushing and masking. Teri Lou is offering her first online advance course starting April 18th. Ask for more information about the course at teri@terilou.com

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