April 21, 2011

Creative Tulips - the abstract way

Tulip in Skagit Valley

As I mentioned yesterday, I spent the last two days with extend family at a small family get together. I  hadn't planned on being given this opportunity and was grateful for the time with them all as they also made me feel very welcome and loved. 
This morning it was raining and blowing so I thought I had missed my opportunity to capture the tulips this year, so I went to the Lynden Pioneer Museum with the group until mid afternoon before I headed south to Skagit Valley again.
I was pleasantly surprised when the clouds began to break and the sun started shining. I spent about 4 hours capturing the tulips with many different camera apps and using many different techniques.This is one of my many favorites, so I expect that you will be seeing many more in the next few weeks as I wait for spring to arrive in my home town.


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  1. Very nice picture - I love it! But I wonder how do you manage to photograph 4 hours with your iPhone? Does the battery of iPhone4 last that long? On my 3GS, photographing is a real power drain. The last time I was at the house ruins in Dondel I made 177 Hipstamatic photos, starting with a fully charged phone, but after the 177 photos the battery was only at 33%.


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