April 20, 2011

Planet Full of Tulips

Mount Vernon, Washington Tulips

Yesterday I drove north of Seattle to Mount Vernon, where there are fields of tulips. I also was to meet my extended family for dinner. Unfortunately with road construction slowing down most of my journey I didn't arrive as early as planned and didn't have time before dinner to capture any tulips other then a bunch of them in the parking lot. After dinner I changed my plans and heading north to spend more time with the family. 
With this change of plans came lots of questions from my mom's generation to what iPhoneography and apps were. So I had the pleasure of show and tell. During this process I made several versions of today's tulip image and therefore thought I would share many of them with you.

I used many apps and wasn't able to keep track of them all for the different image so I don't have an app list for today. Tomorrow I will be back for more tulip photos, stay tuned.

Diptic showing several versions of the tulips.

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