May 1, 2011

A Walk Through Roslyn

I have been working on a project called 'A Walk Through Roslyn' for several years. Roslyn is a small town famous for its coal mining, cemetery and that Northern Exposure was filmed there. I have several images, non iPhone ones, posted on my website, take a look if you like.
No matter how often I visit there is always something interesting to capture. This door that has no outside access is a favorite of mine. I have never liked capturing it at this time of the year before because I found it to be colorless and boring. However as I walked past it yesterday I knew I would be able to create a beautiful image with my newly acquired processing skills on the iPhone. Within the last 7 months I have not only discovered the power of blending and masking but I have learned how and when to apply those skills.
In the years past I just couldn't get my self excited to process my images on my computer while sitting at my desk. Furthermore, it always seemed that another plug in was needed to accomplish the latest techniques and they each cost $99 or more. I always felt that I was behind the technology curve and was discouraged by that somehow. Also, if I did have the plug in I knew that shortly I would have to spend another $99 for an upgrade to keep up. It was a continuous money pit game.
However with the iPhone and all the photographic apps available, I am creating the art I have always dreamed of, actually I have reached beyond my dreams. I am stretching myself beyond the limits that I knew were possible. I am able to achieve this because the apps are affordable and powerful. Now when I spend my $1.99 I invest in a longterm relationship of creativity and possibilities, and the updates are free, go figure.
So if you feel as I did about expense and confinement of software holding you back from becoming the artist you were meant to be, I hope that I am inspiring and motivating you to play and experiment with the photographic apps available to you.
"Lose your dreams and you might lose your mind." Mick Jagger

Dynamic Light

iPhoneography 101 starts again next Monday, May 9th. During this course you will learn to use the apps of the iPhone to create photographs beyond a basic snapshot. With my vast knowledge of relevant applications and how to use them in the most interesting ways, in four weeks and with real-life guidance you will increase your photographic creativity dramatically. My goal is to inspire and motivate you to discover your artistic vision through experimentation, fun and play. Ask for an outline of the course at


  1. I couldn't agree more to everything you said, Teri. I just feel the same about it.


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