April 16, 2011

First Spring Flowers

Yesterday, as I was driving home, I turned the same corner I have for 18 years and  saw these beautiful blue flowers like a carpet in this yard and along the fence line. I have never once stopped to stop to capture them with my camera. However, once again, because of the way the iPhone has changed my approach to photography I decided that I would.

How has it changed you might ask? "The iPhone has shown me what is possible with both capturing the image with camera apps such as Average Cam and Slow Shutter to all the options of brushing and blending apps such as ArtistaHaiku and ArtistaOil together in Iris. I feel freer to artistically express myself."
In iCreativity, the new class that starts tomorrow, my goal is to Motivate and Inspire your artistic self to not only see what is possible but express it in your own individual way. Contact teri@terilou.com for more information.

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